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All the prices listed below are starting price.  Starting prices include micarta or plain woods, stainless or brass hardware and your choice of right or left handed leather sheath.  For burls we add the actual cost of the burl.  If you are looking for something that you do not see below, please contact us. We are happy to work with our customers to ensure that you get the knife you imagine!  Custom orders are always welcome!  

In addition, all of my knives include a hand stitched leather sheath that I make specificually for your knife order.  

Ultra-light Hunter

Introducing our newest model, the Ultra-light Hunter.   It comes from 3/32" AEB-L stainless.  The blade is 3 1/8" with a machine finish.  Handle is 4 1/8" with hunter orange (currently the only color option) with stainless pins.  Includes Kydex sheath.  

$185 each

The Outdoorsman

Available blade lengths with stacked leather handle.  

3 3/4"               $275

4 1/4"               $295

5"                     $305

Add $50 to any blade length for

Sambar Stag


We also offer  the option of adding a matching hatchet to your stacked leather outdoorsman.  Not available in Stag.  Hatchet alone is $350.  If ordered as part of a set, your price is $300.  


Classic Hunter

The Classic Hunter is forged from 52100.  Blade and handle lengths are at the discretion of the customer.  Pictured below is the Classic Hunter with 4 1/4" blade and 4 3/8" handle with G-10 spacers, stacked leather and Sambar stag butt-cap.  $375

Classic Hunter 1.jpg

Mini Ulu

The mini-ulu is forged from a variety of steels.  It is an extremely versatile tool measuring 2 1/4" long x 2" wide.  The back edge doubles as a flint striker.  Comes with pictured sheath which also works as a handle.  $60 shipped

Traditional Hunter

This knife is designed after a knife carried by Fred Bear.  It is an all-around great hunting/woodsman's knife. 


Blade: 4 1/4"

Starting price: $325 with leather sheath. 




Beginning August 1, 2019 we have new pricing on our Puukkos:  

4" blade:  $330 with traditional sheath

3 1/2" Blade:  $315 with traditional sheath


Clip Point


This newest addition to the order line is a wonderful all around hunting/woodsman knife.  


Steel: 52100, 8670 or W1

Blade length: 4 1/2" - 5"

Handle:  Your Choice (antler as pictured, stacked leather, stabilized woods)

Comes with leather sheath

Starting price: 4 1/2" blade: $300 

                       5" blade: $350

                       6" blade: $400

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